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5 & 6 OCT

Data literacy, the new empowerment?

In companies and administrations, at schools, in R&D departments as well as in society at large, cultivating data awareness is now as important as teaching people to read, write and do arithmetic. Data illiteracy is creating considerable inequality asymmetrical among individuals and organisations, and across the whole of society. Nurturing and enabling data awareness, on the other hand, can lead to real empowerment – and to the development of novel practices that solve both little and big problems. Nevertheless, cultivating data proficiency, management and ownership is no simple task. As of today, our technical know-how is not up to scratch. Yet how many schools are teaching the tools and techniques of data exploration? This event will explore data as a resource for knowledge, and a domain of expertise, linguistic, grammatical, typos, literary, educational, pedagogical, methodological, and artistic point of view. We bring together the earliest thinkers and doers from the world of data literacy, so that together, we can uncover some early answers to key questions related to data literacy: why should people become data literate? Data literacy for whom? Who are the key players in the data game? What does data awareness really mean? How can we develop a data mindset as individuals, as organisations, and as a society? Have fundamental data skills been exhaustively identified? Is it possible to create desire out there, in the cold (data-)world? Is organisational data awareness an innate or an acquired trait? The following organisations projects leaders and key players will be invited : Aviz, Catherine D’Ignazio, la Coop Infolab, Data Carpentry, Data Cuisine, Data for decisions, Data mindset playbook from MoData, Data pop Alliance, Data & Society, Datajournalism handbook,, Datatherapy, Dear Data, Etalab, Fréquence Écoles,, Jose Duarte (Handmadevisuals), J++, LINC, Medialab de Science Po, Open Knowledge, School of Data, le Tubà, Tuvalabs, Using data, etc.

October 5-6 2018 Aix-en-Provence, Conservatoire Darius Milhaud. #DLC2018



Jane Crofts
Founder of Data to the people, creator of Databilities™, author, teacher.
Creator of Databilities™, author, teacher, and advocate of data literacy for all. Jane Crofts is a well-regarded business intelligence practitioner and data literacy evangelist from Melbourne, Australia. As Founder of Data To The People, Jane draws on her background in business analysis, management consulting, supply chain re-engineering and process improvement to provide a solid foundation for her expansive data visualisation, analytics and information systems repertoire. Her passion for developing and nurturing lifelong data literacy cannot be understated. Jane works tirelessly with likeminded individuals and organisations across the globe to build and share resources to develop data literacy across all communities, organisations and schools.
Jerry DiMaso
Chief Data Literacy Officer, Axis Academy
Jerry DiMaso is Chief Data Literacy Officer of Axis Academy with a background as a Business Intelligence and Analytics consultant who has spent the past ten years developing applications, advising on data and analytics strategies, and coaching developers and business users on data literacy. His work in more than 100 organizations in dozens of different industries has made him aware of the tremendous data literacy problem that individuals are facing and has inspired him to take on the mission of improving the world's data literacy through a series of practical frameworks and methodologies.
Evelyn Münster
Managing partner at DESIGNATION - Data Visualization Designer
Evelyn Münster has been working more than a decade in the field of data visualizations design. She felt that data literacy skills of people and organizations were too often a limiting factor for the value impact of her work. End of 2016 she set the impulse for developing a scientifically founded data literacy skill test with her data science partner Cavorit (Berlin). The data literacy skill test is available at now. Since 2014, she works internationally as an independend data visualization expert supporting f.e. open data platforms for sustainable cities in US and working with tech customers in development of complex data products, such as data portals, tools and dashboards.
Christoph Nieberding
Managing partner at DESIGNATION
As a practitioner he spent his whole management career in the technology and software industry, always questioning data quality, the limitations of analytical tools and existing ways of visual communication. He has expert knowledge in business processes and in different management domains as finance, sales, risk management and business development. His passion is to increase the value of visual, data-based communication, designing complex data products and upskilling people and communities in the field of data literacy and visual working. Center of his activies is as an open and visual initiative for designing communication based on data.
Jan Willem Tulp
Data designer
Jan Willem loves to work at the intersection of data, design and software. In 2011 he founded his freelancing company TULP interactive, and has been creating data visualizations ever since. He creates both static and interactive visualizations, and his work ranges from custom visual analysis tools to aesthetic visualizations purely for aesthetics. Jan Willem works for clients such as Scientific American, World Economic Forum, Nielsen, and Popular Science
Kim Albrecht
Data designer
Kim Albrecht visualizes cultural, technological, and scientific forms of knowledge. His diagrams are meant to unfold and question the structures of representation and explore the aesthetic of the intermingling of technology and society through the sensual knowledge of tracing information.
Jérôme Denis
Professor of sociology
Jérôme Denis is a member of the Mines ParisTech Center for Sociology of Innovation. His researches focuses on the conditions of production and maintenance of data in various fields, which he studies by mobilizing the sociology of science and technology and the anthropology of writing. He recently published "The Invisible Data Work. Elements for a sociology of scriptural infrastructures" (Presses des Mines, 2018).
Simon Bullmore
Co-founder, Mission Drive
Simon helps the Open Data Institute’s community and customers develop the skills they need to work with open data. Simon has over 16 years of experience working in learning and organisational change. Simon recently co-founded Mission Drive, a specialist growth agency for data-driven organisations, and continues to work with the ODI as a Digital and Learning Associate.


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